Midnight Drive

It was my best friend Hunter I could tell by the voice.

“Hunter, why are you calling me this late in the night?”I rubbed my eyes

“Don’t worry about that now I’ll tell you later just come outside to my car”he said “and be sure to run”

“Why?”Hunter Hung up and I put my coat on over my pajamas which were just a white T shirt and black leggings. I put my Pink Tennis shoes back on and went outside.

The night was quiet and still.

I looked around to see Hunter’s Green Truck the front lights were on and I could see Hunter in the drivers seat trying to rush me.

I ran to him and got in.

He sped of quicker then I ever thought he could, Hunter was the type who goes super slow on the highway so that he doesn’t crash into someone so this was very strange for him.

“What’s wrong....why are we going so fast?”

“Shut Up!”

“What?”I buckled my seat belt

“I said shut up”he said again”and don’t look out the window”

“Why? What’s out the window?”

“It’s not human”


“It’s not human”

This gave me chills and my body got stiff suddenly there was a loud disturbing sound that was cross between a bears growl and a hyena laughing.

“What was that!”

Hunter stepped on it flinging me backwards in my seat. I looked over at Hunter’s Face and he had a bit of cold sweat running from his eyebrow.

“What was that!”

He didn’t answer me.

We only drove.

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