Creature Of The Night

The sun had sunken beneath the earth. The night cascaded in the sky. I flopped down onto my bed closing my eyes, relishing on the stressful day I had. I snapped awake. My room was darker, the dim light from the outside world was gone. Peering over to my clock, the red glowing numbers, showed that it was now 3:30 a.m. I sat up rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Stalking my way over to the bathroom I hear a light scratch sound on the ceiling.

I glanced around the room, but everything was in place. I brushed it off and continued to the bathroom. I turned on the bathroom light starting at myself in the mirror. I turned to the fossett water. Running my hand under the cold water till it warmed up and I dunked my face.

Another long scratching sound came from behind me. Quick I dried my face off and opened my eyes. I stared out the bathroom door. The glowing light from the bathroom only shone so far. The room was a black ibis. Quickly I turned off the water and the light. I ran out of the bathroom and jumped on to my bed in the middle of the room. I shuffled under my blankets and sat at the top of the bed, the headboard pushed against my back.

My heart race quickened and my breath became heavy. I scanned the room over and over again, waiting for anything or anyone. My hands shook as i clutched the blanket to my chest. “Missy?” Someone on the other side of my bedroom door called out in a singsong voice. I covered my mouth to silence my scream. “I know you in there”. A cry escaped my mouth. “Can i come in?” It asked. I kept quiet not saying a word. “Don’t be rude, Missy.” It laughed to its self as if it was taking pleasure in my fear.

“GO AWAY!” I screamed my voice breaking.

“It’s not nice to yell” It whispered right behind me. Before I could react I felt a cold metal across my neck.

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