Tiny Picasso

In this masterpiece, a young Picasso emerges,

Splashes of vibrant hues, a true color surge.

Abstract lines dance with pure glee,

A chaotic symphony, wild and free.

Brushstrokes bold, like a toddler's bold dreams,

Fingerprints scattered, or so it seems.

The composition, a playground of spontaneity,

A finger-painted marvel, full of sincerity.

Notice the juxtaposition of chaos and order,

Fingerprints that stray, a creative disorder.

A juxtaposition profound, or just child's play,

In this gallery, it steals the display.

Shapes undefined, yet a story untold,

A masterpiece young, but oh so bold.

A whimsical journey on paper embarked,

In this toddler's creation, creativity sparked.

So, behold this artwork, not just scribbles on a wall,

It's a masterpiece, toddler-style, standing tall.

A gallery sensation, chaotic and smart,

In this tiny artist's world, a true work of art.

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