Tortured Third-Wheel

“This is my girlfriend Carmen,”

Apparently the kindhearted Carmen I’ve been hearing about for the past 2 weeks, is the same Carmen that bullied me for /years/.

‘Two faced is the person who stepped on my heart to watch it bleed. Two faced is the person who wooed my love in deed. Oh, what she has achieved,’ I’ve written about Carmen before, but it apart of the collection about Josie.

“This is my best fri-“

“We’ve met,” I interrupted.

“Charlotte, good to see you again,”I had transferred schools in the middle of last year because of how bad the bullying had gotten.

“Ooook?” Josie looked mildly uncomfortable. “So, how’d you two meet?”

I surprised by quickly how she recovered.

“We had /similar/ classes before she transferred,” Carmen supplied.

“Josephina,” the restaurant worker called.

When Josie went to go get our food, I said, “what

are you doing? What your plan?”

“No plan,” She replied, “I like Josephina,”

“She prefers Josie,” I countered.

“She hasn’t had a problem with me calling her that,”

“Yea,” I agreed for the first time ever, “She’s also a people pleaser and won’t correct you,”

“Well, I think she likes it,”

Just after Carmen said that, Josie came back with our food, “So, how’re y’all getting along?”

“Splendid!” I answered with a forced smile.

Josie immediately went pale and I realized what I did.

‘Splendid’, I use that word only when I’m being sarcastic and that forced smile must’ve looked like I was thinking of murder. I didn’t think there was a way to save this.

And there wasn’t. Only a few minutes later, Josie said, “Oh crap, I just remembered, I told my neighbor I would babysit, and at this rate, Imma be late,”

God, what a lame excuse, the only kid in her neighborhood that doesn’t have an older sibling isn’t potty trained and Josie hates changing diapers. Carmen just accepted the excuse and I wasn’t about to drag this on. We said our goodbyes and left.

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