Well In The End, It Was Worth It

It was a journey of the soul

It was a complicated game of chess

It was heart wrenching for a sixth grader

It was sticky and sad mess

It started with a mistake

A mistake of being her friend

A mistake of changing myself

Is this how it will end?

It kept on going

I blindly agreed with her every word

I went along without knowing

It was absolutely absurd

I eventually dropped her

Just to run back to her again

Just to be her mindless second

And not really a friend

She gossiped about my friends

And this I could no longer take

So I went to her one day

And called her out for being fake

Our nexts piece begins

With a confession I regret

I told her I still liked her

And she liked me yet

But then there was another girl

That loved her very much

I knew I couldn’t just stand there

I stopped liking her as such

The girl I liked wanted the other girl

I knew my choice was right

But she wouldn’t tell me

When she admitted it we got in a huge fight

Number 2 was my best friend

A sweet and funny girl

But she was so single minded

When she talked about number one it made me hurl

I eventually moved on

I had no one to love

But one day in PE

This girl flew in like a dove

At first it was the looks

The eyes were my favorite part

But when I got up the nerve to talk to her

Her personality swelled my heart

I couldn’t keep the secret

She found out a few days later

And she actually liked me back

But I had to deal with a traitor

Girl number 1 liked someone else

And number 3 liked her back

They both confessed

It was as simple as that

Not so simple actually

For she forgot about girl two

Then two ran away in tears

Yes, this story is true

Of course the traitor was not the girl

1, 2, or 3

The traitor was one who did not care

Who broke the news with glee

Girl one and two made up soon

Decided to just be friends

Girl two still hasn’t moved on

But they’re both at amends

My journey isn’t over

It just started and has begun

I’m still figuring out who I am

And now there’s no option to run

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