Could Have Been Worse

“You’ve got the wrong guy!” he shouted, dazed and confused. He looked down at the laundry basket, filled with, not laundry as you’d assume, but instead two jugs of milk. A stranger had been running in his direction and suddenly stopped to thrust the laundry basket into his hands. “I don’t need these jugs man!” Paul yelled at the running stranger. People walking by on the sidewalk glanced at him, obviously confused. “This is a strange welcome to New York.”

Paul sighs and continues walking to his apartment, when his phone begins to ring. “Hello. Amy, I’m not home yet. Can this wait? I’ve had the strangest day.” Paul adjusts his shoulder work-bag and tries to manage the laundry basket. “Alright, let’s talk when I get home, bye.” He hangs up and continues walking. His recent move to New York has been interesting to say the least. When finding out that her brother had a new job opportunity in her state of residence, Amy told him that her roommate had recently moved out and that having her brother move in would be fun. Paul agreed after realizing he’d only have to pay half of the rent.

Finally Paul arrived at the apartment building. He entered into the lobby to see Amy talking to a bellboy. Amy turned and noticed her brother’s arrival. “Ahh! You’ve made it. About time.” She walks up to him, and realizes what he’s holding. “When I said feel free to bring whatever, I never expected this.” Paul lets out a short laugh. “Your shirt! It looks as if it’s been drenched in fruit punch.” “Yeah, as I said, strange day.” Amy laughs. “Let’s head up.” They walk to the elevator. Once inside, Paul sets the laundry basket and milk jugs down. “Gosh it feels so nice not to be carrying that.” “Where did that even come from anyway?” Amy leans back against the elevator with her arms crossed. “Some crazy man came running up to me, pushed it into my arms and ran off. I have a feeling New York has a lot weirder to offer.” Amy chuckles. “Oh, definitely.”

The elevator opens and the two walk out, Paul again holding the milk jugs. “Home sweet home.” Amy unlocks the door and walks in. Paul follows her and closes the door behind him. He sets down the basket and his work bag. “Could you unload the dishes? I’ve got a Zoom call right now and it’s the last chore I need done.” “Yeah I got it.” Paul walks into the kitchen and starts to unload the dishes. He suddenly hears a noise coming from the direction of his bedroom. He sets down the plate he’s holding and slowly starts to walk towards his room. The noise occurs again, which increases Paul’s anxiety. He picks up a broom that was leaning against the couch and begins to walk again. Once he reaches his bedroom, he looks around but doesn’t see anything broken or unusual. He decides to check the closet. He approaches the sliding door and gently opens it. “What on earth are you doing in my closet?” He immediately recognizes the guy who ran up to him and handed him the laundry basket. “Please man, don’t tell Amy.”

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