Starchy fabric scratched at her neck. Sweat tickled from her neck down her back making her blouse and pinafore damp. Blossom squirmed in her seat. She checked to see if anyone noticed her fidgeting and caught Beverly’s glare. Plastering a syrupy smile on her face, Blossom froze.

Momma and Father were talking to the reporter lady. They were all smiles and laughter, little shared touches. They were even holding the twins, Blake and Blaze, which they never did at home. Good thing Brenda gave the toddlers Benadryl so they look like sleepy angels.

There were so many lights in the tv studio. Blossom looked up and around. She had never watched television but she wondered why so many people were needed for one tv show. She wondered why if tv was so bad why Father wanted to have a tv show.

Blossom wondered a lot.

Branden poked her hard in the ribs. She must have been fidgeting again.

Blossom made a fist and showed it to her little brother. The reporter lady was asking their momma a lot of questions about cooking and housekeeping. Blossom snorted. The daughters did the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, and all the childcare for the littles.

Blossom wished she didn’t have to wear tights and shorts under her dress to keep Bobby from stumbling. All the girls had to. Blossom wondered why. She scratched her side.

“So you’re Blossom right how are you liking your first trip to New York City?”

Blossom froze in mid scratch forgetting her line, I love the country. I miss my home. Instead she wiped her damp forehead and said, “NYC is the town for me! But it’s damn hot.”

Blossom wondered why everyone got so quiet.

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