Road Of Kings

Rain splashed from deep puddles in the mud as the kart crept along. It’s two horses hardly able to pull it through the muck. To the riders anger, he cursed to himself. Gaining the ears of the handful of men at his disposal.

“You shouldn’t use such foul tongue with a lady present “ His long senior man grumbled, sitting at his side on the cart.

“She’s hardly a lady Lord Cantor” one of the men on the right snickered. Wiping his long dirty blonde hair out of his face.

“The boy is right” The rider let a smile form on his lips, looking back at the long red haired elf girl. Not nearly clothed enough after the had captured her. “She’ll be a whore in the city once the king has her”

“Your king is not a raper savage!” Lord Cantor bellowed, smacking the riding man with his open hand. “Let me never hear that come from your boastful mouth again. She’s a prisoner not a sex slave”

“I have something she could slave over” One of the men to their right pulled his cloak away revealing his manhood to the elf girl. Peeing towards her and the wheels of the kart.

Lord Cantor leaped off the wagon, tossing up a mixture of water and mud as his boots found footing. His blade silver in the light as it sang into the night. Sweeping away the man’s head, while his hands still held his cock. Blood splattered over the sword and flew onto the elf girls pale flesh. Matching her hair against her skin.

“I will not tolerate this bullshit. If my son has in the past let it be known I will not” He rubbed the blood clean off his sword on the fallen man’s cloak. Looking toward his son and the other few men. “ You will treat her as any other lady of our city. If you even glance at her I will take your head” The old man’s words echoed into her ears.

His long white hair lay aside a gruff looking face littered with scars and laugh lines. Age had been kind to him while life had not. It pained her to know who had caused the old man’s death. Yet amongst the empty room she couldn’t help but she’d a tear.

A year had passed since she’d been whisked off to the capital city by a small band of troublesome boys. All who’s loyalty had been paid for by Lord Cantor’s son. Yet on the long journey across the land he’d taken two more heads after the pissers. One for trying to defile her in the night, the other for trying to cut her throat in their sleep.

He’d been her white night since the moment she’d been brought before him. Yet here he lay, her fathers men to blame. The elves hadn’t taken to kindly to loosing one of the royal family. Even their orc enemies had never climbed the sacred tree’s as Lord Cantor’s son and his men had done. Stealing her away while she changed for the night. Stealing glances and making comments about her sprouting womanly body.

The thoughts of the first nights journey caused her to shiver. Not just for memory of the rains pounding down onto her from the heavens in buckets while caged in the kart. But of watching all the men eyeing up her body.

“He loved you like a daughter you know?” A friendly female voice called from behind her, instantly sending her heart a flutter.

A young woman stood just inside the doorway, her grey eyes locked on the elf girls. White teeth of a childish smile played on her face. She bowed quickly to the young Lady Cantor, only to watch her smile turn to a devilish grin.

“To bad he never caught on to the fact that his daughter had been the only one to defile you” She giggled a bit, rushing to her elven lover. Sweeping her up into a light embrace.

“Why must you be so proud of that fact?” Niobi licked the nose of her white faced lover, rustling her dirty blonde hair.

“Mostly because of how much it pains my dear brother. Just thinking of you writhing in my bedroom out of shear bliss makes him want to toss himself of the castle walls” She continued to hold and passionately kiss the elven girl Niobi.

“Not here” Niobi batted away her grabby paws, turning back to the Lord Cantor’s eternal slumber. “Doesn’t it bother you in the least that your father died fighting my father?” A sadness fell across Niobi’s face.

“He died a most noble cause “ Her smile faded but only for a quick second, before it returned in glory. “So that his daughter could enjoy an elf princess “

Niobi glared at her giggling lover. Wanting to smack the light heartedness clean from her personality. Yet as she focused on the smile her anger quickly faded.

“I’d kill my father to save you” Her voice came before she’d even realized what had come out.

“Sadly he wouldn’t just let us marry and enjoy my fathers small castle “ Lady Cantor’s face got a bit flush at the thought of it.

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