Your True Power

I have always known magic exists

When we are kids we see magic differently

We are taught magic means illusion but I find this isn’t so …..

Magic is honing in on your authentic self and living in alignment. Magic is the perfection of nature and learning to live by it.

Magic is walking into your favourite second hand store and finding that one thing you always wanted but never thought you would own. Synchronicity.

I believe in magic but not in the way i used to,magic can’t be willed or forced.

I got my ability to hone my magic when I was nearly 40 and if you had of asked me as a child if 40 is old I would have said yes.

Its not about age specifically but more about intuition.

Being a woman is magic too,in sync with the cycles of the earth.

We are all magic. Meditate and you will see.

Our own divine magic is just waiting there to be tapped into and once you start you won’t want to stop.

I don’t need a cape or a wand,no rabbits being pulled from hats,I’m not talking about that.

Illusion isn’t real,its right there in the name but magic is everywhere,you just need to go within,find that quiet place and the answers will come. My magic came in at around age 39 and I appreciate it daily. Its no one’s but mine.

For you it might happen differently but I’ve worked for this now I understand alchemy.

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