The Brooding Man

He rides in with his horse and a grin on his face

“Are you lost baby gurl” he says.

Before I can answer he lifts me off my feet and puts me on the horse.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“I’m saving you” he responds.

“Sorry, but I don’t need saving”.

He stops the horse and stares of into a distance.

“W-what are you doing” I ask.

“Brooding and looking effortlessly handsome”.

“Well, I’m just a regular quickly girl who despised you a minute ago but I’m intrigued by your mysterious personality”.

We ride in the horse for ten more minutes until we get to a field where a picnic is surprising already planned.

“So tell me a little about yourself” he says.

“Well I’m very clumsy. My whole personality revolves around reading old books, and I dream to explore the world”.

“Cooool” he says.

“What about you I ask?”

He looks down and he frowns.

“I have an abusive father. When I was twelve, he smacked the chicken nugget out of my hand for dipping it in mud. Now I’m a shallow mysterious man who can’t commit and hasn’t evolved since kindergarten”.

“So romantic” I whisper.

He pulls out a guitar from seemingly nowhere and says, “I’ve written a song for you”.

“Oh your so beautiful

And I can’t help but ask you to marry meee

Make me the happiest man

Because that’s you responsibilityyyyy

So-“. what’s you name”.

“Ava” I says.

“So Ava, please marry me”.

“I do” I say.

We ride off into the sunset on his horse. The end.

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