“Beeeeeeeeep! Beeeeeeeeeep! Emergency Alert for…..!” The phone screached, jolting her up to her feet, fear in her eyes. Alert for what? She thought for right as that part was about to go off the power went out and the alert on her phone had stopped. Surrounded in darkness she heard screaming coming from the window to her right. Her fear peaked and she ran. Then a knock on the door resounded throughout the house. Bang! The door cracked and fell to the floor.

“Where are you~” At that moment, hiding in the closet the Alert went off again.

“Beeeeeeeeep! Beeeeeeeeeep! A high classed Murderer is only the lose, please lock all doors and stay silently in your house. Beeeeeeeep! Beeeeeeeeeep!” Then the door slid open.

“Found you.”

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