My Play

I am like play.

My only purpose is to entertain.

Sometimes I make you laugh,

Sometimes I make you gasp.

Sometimes I make you worry,

Sometimes I make you smile.

Sometimes I make you cry,

Sometimes I make you care.

I can be whatever you want.

Just tell me what genre you’d like,

And I can be it.

He wants a comedy,

And she wants a romance.

He wants a fantasy,

And she wants a tragedy.

I can perform whatever show you want,

As long as you tell me.

But I cannot perform if you don’t choose.

If I don’t know what you want,

I can only do my best,

Which is so rarely enough.

Because behind the scenes of my mind,

I am a complicated disaster.

My props are all wrecks,

My lighting is fried.

My actors are scrambling,

Unsure who should star.

But you’ll never know,

I won’t let it show.

I will just do my best,

And then all the rest.

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