My Village

I am natuno, the strongest ninja in the village. I have been called to duty. The castle on the edge we call it- has been attacked by a grand dragon. As I rush over, jumping on trees and rocks, I see it. “The beast itself.” I whisper to myself. As I continue to run towards it, I think what I will do to slay it. I’m only about 50 yards away from it now, and it’s sleeping! I grip a throwing knife and prepare to throw it at the beast. Right as I’m about to throw it, it’s claw moves slightly, as if it’s having a nightmare. I grab my sketchbook, thinking I have some time. I begin to draw it, as I’m secretly an artist in my free time. It moves more, and I decide to put my sketchbook away. I use invise-ninjitsu, and turn invisible for a short amount of time. As I sneak closer, I get a glance of it’s face. It looks like it’s in distress. This, mixed with the moving claw, kind of proves it’s having a nightmare! But what does it have to be afraid of? It’s the most feared creature in the galaxy! without thinking, I begin tapping on its orange scales, trying to wake it up. It’s growls softly, before suddenly rubbing its head on me, kind of like a cat. This is the story of how I became know as Natuno, the dragon tamer.

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