Goodbye Manipulator

You were like my sister

Sometimes it felt like we were more

Other times like we were strangers

Call me sappy and soft,

But where others sing of freedom

I sing of that heart-wrenching ache

That settles itself deep inside the soul

Finding in it a nice home to reside

Refusing to leave until you die

I hope you don’t go with the same pain

That I feel every time you throw me aside

Like a useless, unloved pile of waste.

I want you to know that you’re loved.

Maybe not by them,

The ones you want to be loved by,

But what about me?

Am I just here for shits and giggles?

What will become of me when we depart?

I see you, but can you see me?

It feels like smoke and mirrors with you

Where I’m the smoke and the mirror.

I’m sick of fighting for your appreciation

I’m finally ready to give up being your ‘friend’.

Being the puppy that follows you everywhere.

Goodbye and good riddance.

I think…?

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