Alone Now, And Forever

I sit in my house alone as the rain downpours outside. Its a large house, more than I ever could’ve dreamed for. The gorgeous 10 foot tall windows, the fancy front door, the expensive black and gold furniture with the white staircase that looks like it was stolen from a princess castle. It’s perfect but empty.

Day after day I wake up, I sit alone at my 15 foot long dining table to eat, I sit in my movie theater and watch some romantic movie then I find something else to do. Always alone.

I had completed step one of my daily routine and was sitting in my screening room when I heard the doorbell. Curious as to who was behind the door I quickly sprinted to the front. I opened to the door to see a familiar man. He was my best friend who moved away when I was 14. Without hesitation he walked in and told me to wait in the movie room for him, so I did.

He walks in grabs my hand and leads me through the dark house. He turns on all the glittery fairy lights that line the banister of the stairs and lights every candle surrounding the rose petals lying in the center of the room. I hear the click as he presses a button on a small remote that turned on a small stereo. I watch him as he walks to a small coffee table under the window and sets it aside.

He tugs me into the middle of the room with his gorgeous smile, and quickly runs his hand through his thick, long-ish, chocolate brown hair then reaches for my other hand. He pulls me closer to him and we dance slow to the soft music, he spins me in a circle and pulls me back close to him, our bodies touching.

I lean my head onto his shoulder. He lets go to grab a rose and walks up behind me and kisses my neck softly, I smile and lean in.

He holds out his strong, veiny hand to me once more. I reach for it but as our hands touch the lights go out and he’s suddenly gone. The music wasn’t playing, there were no rose petals or candles and I’m back alone in my big, echoey, empty house. It was just a flash of some fantasy I convinced myself was real. I slowly walk over to the dark corner by the large, elegant staircase and cried alone with my heart in my hands. Im alone now, and I will be forever.


Ok so… I love reading romance, but i’m not great at writing it. 😅🥲 Anywhoooo! Let me know how I did and how I could make it better in the future!!! I’m going to return to a normal posting schedule again sorry it’s been so long!!!! Love you guys!!💖💖💖💖💕💕❤️🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🤪🤪😜😜😜

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