Man REFUSES to Cover his Nose in The Container Store - A GEN Z ASMR Instagramer’s Outcry

Hey y’all, hate to take a break from the regular ‘gram aesthetic but I gotta show you this mf I saw when I was at The Container Store getting some boxes for my new ASMR video of the week! No cap, this man walked around like this after security told him nicely he needed to have a face covering to be inside. Fair enough. My guy reaches into his fugly coat and pulls out a butterfly and says some words backwards. THIS GUY FINNA WHIP OUT A🦋, WHAT’S NEXT?!

You know what it is. I followed him around to try and film him to post on my story so he’d be famous for this shit. The pandemic is no joke and it’s still going strong. Everyone needs to do their part. Something about seeing this terminally ill looking, old af, high risk dude was my breaking point. YO! Somebody come get your grandpa, he’s sick af.

So…I saw him by the stackable container section and was like thinking of my game plan. Do I start with acknowledging his age and health condition or just straight up tell him to cover his nose? I was like idk, boomers are unpredictable…they do go boom when presented with new information so like…I remembered that. “You’re not that guy” Guy and how he dogged that kid who tried him because he was to timid. Y’all I tapped this man on the shoulder! Like I’m a small teenage girl, what’s he gonn do?

WELL he did somethinggg because now we are in in a paradigm where perpetual conceptions of eudemonia arise within us and because we lack the common ground to raise our consciousness without ego guarding paired with a physiological sympathetic reaction & now we are outside. He told me I could take a picture of him and post it for the internet. It hasn’t stopped raining since.

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