In Kindergarten I said

My favorite color is red

And nobody at all could change my mind

The backpack that I used

Wasn’t SpongeBob or Blues Clues

But it was red and that suited me fine

My friends all thought me strange

While they ate PB&Js

I told them tuna was my favorite food

They told me it was gross

But I could take their roast

I ate what I liked despite their attitude

I also had a nub

That grew upon my thumb

Having been there since the day that I was born

I showed it off with pride

Feeling no need to hide

I saw it as a honor to be worn

But as the years went by

I became more tense and shy

I hid the nub beneath my sweater sleeve

My new backpack was pink

Worried what they might think

If they knew I didn’t care for mac n’ cheese

Though it’s been eighteen years

I often live in fear

Of being perceived as odd or strange

But now and then I wish

For those days that I so miss

That little girl who was never ashamed

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