Blood In The Night

“Aaaaaaah!” Jack bolted awake at the sound of the scream, raising his head in a confused flurry. Mary was leaning up from her sleeping bag, rubbing her eyes awake. “What was that?” she asked fighting through a yawn. “I don’t know. I think that sounded like Julie” said Jack. “Crap, I told them not to leave any food out because of the bears. Quick help me find the bear spray and I can go make sure she’s okay”.

“No no, gaaaaah!” came another scream. Jack started to scramble, hastily putting on his pants and boots inside tent. “Jesus, that sounded like Dan. One must’ve gotten into their tent. Did you find the spray?” “Here!” Mary shakily handed the large spray bottle to Jack. He looked at her, pale and confused from being shocked awake, and began to unzip the door to the tent. “Close this after me and stay quiet. Keep yourself safe.”

He peered outside his tent, more screams coming from around the campsite. The moon hid behind the clouds, the only light coming from the smoldering wood of the fire being thrown through the air as a group of men rushed into the site letting out screeching growls. They rushed towards the others who came out from their tents to investigate, tackling them to the ground.

“What the hell is….gaaaah”. The man in the tent next to Jack’s came out and was thrown to the ground by one of the attackers. “Get this bastard off of me!” he yelled painfully. Jack ran to him, grabbing the attacker by the shoulders and attempting to pry him off. It stood to Jack’s touch, spraying blood from the now corpse under him.

Jack stumbled back and an ember glided between them and time froze and he looked at the attacker. Blood and flesh dripped from his mouth as he growled. Bloodshot eyes pierced through the night like fire as they looked hungrily towards Jack. It rushed towards him. Jack tried to move but his legs wouldn’t listen, still in shock at what he saw.

It tackled Jack to the ground, air escaping his lungs as his back hit the cold, hard ground. He reached his arms out, trying with every inch of his strength to keep the man and his ravenous mouth coming closer. Jack grabbed him, rolling over each other, getting closer to the fire and sending embers flying into the air.

He looked frantically for anything to help as his arms began to weaken from the struggle. There was a rock near him, but as he reached for it the attacker came down on his other arm and sunk his teeth deep into it. “Gaaaaaah!” Jack released a painful cry as he swung the rock into the back of the attackers head. His bite lessened, and Jack swung again. He grew limp, another swing. He lay there lifeless, another swing.

Jack panted, pushing the attacker off of him, blood seeping from his arm. He peered around the camp, become aflame from the embers and chaos the surrounded him. Screams filled the night, people fighting, panicking, running, dying.

“Mary…” Jack made his way to his feet, slowly inching his way back to the tent. He began to stumble, his arm flaring like on fire and his head pulsing. “Mary…” his voice growing more ragged. He stood back up again, legs gaining back some of their strength. He looked towards his tent and caught Mary’s eyes, frightened as she peaked through the slit towards the carnage. He let out a screeching growl.

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