How Time Flys

Tess was walking around New York thinking about Mattheo and his new roommate.

”Ugh this is so infuriating!” she whispered.

Just then she locked eyes with someone who caught her attention.

Tess turns around.

”No way…” the girls says wide eyed.

Tess gasps, “Alissa!”

Both girls hug each other.

”What are you doing here!” Tess chuckles.

”Well I knew you lived in New York and wanted to visit you!”

”You came all the way from North Carolina just to see me?”

”Of course your my sister!”

”Are you doing okay,” Tess whispers, cupping her face.

She recived a letter from her grandparents concerning recent events.

”Im surviving,” Alissa giggles awkwardly.

“Well come one, we got a lot to catch up on.” Tess said, wrapping her arm around her little sister.


Ok i did a little thingy with your charaters.

See if u can pin point what!


Alissa Aster Kai

Lysa the ragdoll cat

Kali Grace Collins

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Azariah Sariah Stone

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