Polyester Generation

(Based on a true story)

I was busy doing a task I hated. I only got to it when things got so bad I had no other choice, and then I would set everything up in the family room and watch TV as I worked.

I was in the middle of it all, when suddenly my 6-year-old burst into the room with 5 or 6 of her little friends from the neighborhood. They had all been play Barbies under the tree in our front yard just a few minutes ago. I had sent Kathryn outside so I could work without her being in my way.

The little knot of wide-eyed children stood and watched me for a few seconds and then Kathryn said,”See? I told you it was great! That thing spits water and then all the wrinkles are gone. And look at that table! It goes up and down, too, and you can fold it up and put it in the garage!”

And all the children said, “Oooh!”

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