I suppose it’s common, biting your nails, but perhaps more uncommon biting your nails over a story. My ideas were flowing a day ago, but now, now the words just can’t seem to form. I’m stuck, how do I get these characters to work.. how do I get any of it to work?

Yesterday I had ideas, today I simply feel like they were all different stories lying about being one, the characters wouldn’t get along even if I tried, and I don’t think anyone has ever succeeded in making a multiple point of view story, I could be the first… maybe not. It feels like I’m stuck in a web and all of my things are also stuck around me - ok that was a strange comparison.

Think of story writing as a web, a big web of things and i’m the spider! .. yuck, ok think of that.. or try to without being sick, anyways, i’m a spider, I create the web, i’m responsible for weaving it all together, to make sure it balances, and instead of flies I catch your attention..!

Hopefully that made sense, right now the spider (me) has been unable to form any silk, the web is in separate pieces in other corners of the room as well, it’s sort of hopeless, I’m a terrible spider, I won’t be able to catch any flies like this.

Somehow the page feels like it’s judging me, this would be the sketch process for artists, I’m not sure what it’s called for writers, this is one of many books, many short stories that I’ve written out by hand, probably one of many that didn’t work out, I have a whole shelf of booklets to prove that. Being a creative is difficult, especially this part, the part where you try to put abstract thoughts on paper.

My eyes hurt from staring so long, there really isn’t anything I can do about it - anything other than start over and salvage what I can, this is the average life of a writer I suppose.

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