D&M A Night Of Firsts (Maisie)

I run down the stone path, with Davian running behind me.

I turn around, laughing. “Is this even a race?” I ask, breathing heavily as Davian catches up to me.

He bends down with his hands on his knees as he catches his breath. “It is now.”

Davian sprints forward, all of his lost energy gone. Just like that.

I run after him. “What happened?” I ask, as I reach his side.

Davian ignores me. He smiles, his eyes boucing off of mine as we run.

I smile back, a warm fire flooding through my veins.

When the fountain in the middle of the garden comes into view we both stop.

I brush my hair out of my face, “Wow!” I say breathlessly. “I haven’t ran like that since P.E last semester.”

Davian laughs, bending his head back, as he runs his hand through his light brown hair. “Same.” He agrees.

We walk in silence, a few times our hands graze passed eachother, making blood rush to my cheeks.

“I love this place,” Davian mumbles as we approach the stone fountain. He sits on the edge, brushing leaves off the side.

I nod, sitting down next to him. “Me too.”

Davain smiles, his brown eyes meeting mine.

My heart starts racing as Davian leans his head closer to mine.

The water spilling out of the foutain, sends little drops crashing onto his cheek.

I grin, lifting my hand to wipe the little droplets away. His cheek feels warm against my cold hand, as I brush my fingers across his pale skin.

Davian reaches up meeting my hand with his. My eyes leave his as he laces his fingers between mine, lowering both of our hands.

His hand feels so safe in mine. I’ve never felt this before. The rush of emotions, the warmness of someone else’s hand in mine.

“You look beautiful,” Davian whipsers, his cheeks growing a pale red.

I smile, leaning closer to him. “No one’s ever told me that before.” I mumble as our faces grow inches apart.

Davian’s eyes meet mine, “They’re idiot’s.” Davian smiles. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”

Before I can say anything else, Davian tiltes his head and kisses me.

I close my eyes, as fireworks burst inside of me.

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