D&M Everything’s Okay (Davian)

I told Tommy I wouldn’t come back here anymore. That I’d just ignore Maisie, that I’d forget about her.

But I can’t, I love her. I’m sixteen I don’t have a clue about anything in life, and I love Maisie.

My lungs burn as I sprint down the sidewalk. I have to get to Maisie, I don’t know why, I just have a feeling that she needs me.

Our last talk was so emotional for her. She’s hurt herself, she’s almost died because she didn’t want to be alive. I don’t know why but something tells me that she told me about it because she’s planning on doing it again.

You’re too late! A voice echos in my mind. I shake my head, breathing through my mouth as I run to the tree that’s next to Maisie’s bedroom window.

Without even taking a small break to catch my breath, I throw myself onto the tree the rough bark scratching my palms as I climb.

I grab a branch, and pull myself up to her window. The green leaves are blocking my view into her bedroom, which only makes me scramble faster to her window.

It’s unlocked and all I have to do is lift the frame of the window. I jump from the branch and land on my feet on the hardwood floor.

Maisie is sitting on her bed, her hand is shaking as I look at her wrist I see a huge cut that’s spilling dark, red blood.

I run to her, still filled with energy even after my run and climb.

“Mase,” I say breathlessly, falling onto her bed in front of her. Her wrist is way worse up close, around the huge gash there are little tiny cuts.

I pull my shirt over my head, grabbing Maisie’s arm wrapping my blue shirt around her cut.

Maisie sobs quietly as I tighten my shirt around the cut to slow down the blood. I scan around her bed to find what’s done this to her, my eyes land on a kitchen knife that’s resting in her other hand.

I reach for the knife, wanting to beat it up like it’s human. The silver blade is dyed red with Maisie’s blood.

I take the black handle in my hand and toss it across the room. I know that’s not really helping but I can’t stand to look at it.

I scoot closer to Maisie, pulling her into a tight hug. I keep her bandaged arm pressed agaisnt my chest so my shirt doesn’t unravel. Maisie puts her cold hand on my neck, crying softly into my shoulder.

I hold her close, shutting my eyes as I breathe out of my mouth. I don’t want to do anything, I don’t want to eat or sleep, I don’t want to go home. I just want to hold Maisie I want to keep her safe, I never want to leave her side.

“Thank . . . You,” Maisie mumbles in between sobs.

I nod, letting her know that I heard her. That I’ll always hear her. I put one of my hands against Maisie’s head clinging onto her blonde hair.

“Why?” I whisper, swallowing my tears as I feel my shirt starting to soak with her blood.

Maisie shakes her head, gasping for air. “I. . . Don’t . . .know.”

She does know. I know she does, she knows everything. She’s just scared.

“Is it because of the crash?” I ask, tighting my grip around the handful of hair I’ve been holding onto.

Maisie sighs. “It’s a lot of things.”

So that’s a yes. But there’s always more, like how there’s always two sides to a story. Is it weird that that line reminds me of Maisie and me?

“You don’t have to tell me,” I murmur. “We can just sit for a while.”

Maisie nods once, her tears running down my bare arm. “I don’t belong here,” Maisie’s voice trembles.

I let out a long breath, licking my chapped lips before I speak. “Do I make you feel like that?” I have no idea why that’s the first question I want to ask. It’s always been a fear of mine that Maisie would just have a feeling that I wasn’t who I’ve been telling her I am.

Maisie shakes her head. “No,” her voice is so soft I can barely hear it.

There are millions of things I want to tell her. Millions of ways I could tell her. And now the first words that slip out of my lips are.

“You’re the best part of me.”

Maisie’s sobbing stops for a second. She pulls out of the hug, holding her arm. “I’m not. . .look at me.”

I don’t need to, Maisie’s face is already engraved in my mind. “Just . . . Let me hold you.”

I feel like that was the wrong thing to say, but Maisie’s lips bounce to a quick smile that ends before it started.

“If you promise to stay,” Maisie mumbles.

Relief floods through my heart as I hear her words. “I’m not planning on leaving.”

Maisie falls onto me, and suddenly I feel like everything’s going to be okay.

(I just thought I’d put some of the songs I listen to when I write Davian and Maisie moments. Just incase you might want to listen to one of them while you read. Thank you for all the support and likes!!)

Wherever you will go by The Calling

They don’t know about us by One direction

Breakeven (Falling to pieces) by The Script

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