Onyx Haired Man

[S.C, Bloodlines. CH 11]

[Amelya’s point of view]

Life has a beginning and an end, yet she had surpassed the first end. So had the vampire Sampson had just slayed.

Death hadn’t been part of her young life, Amelya could hardly breathe. Let alone take in the sight of a headless, lifeless body. Head discarded off his shoulders without much of an effort.

“I’m sorry, you to had to see that. But we don’t have time to play around “ Sampson continued his wobble straight past the girls.

Cleo shook her head a few times, getting a grip on herself before looking up at Amelya.

“Let’s go” Cleo huffed, grabbing Amelya’s hand. “I won’t let anyone harm you”

I’m seconds they were all speeding through the tree’s, as if a life hadn’t just been taken. Like they weren’t running for dear life, like they had somewhere to run too.

[Jayden’s point of view]

Watching as the girls fled and Sampson wobbled off after them he settled a bit. If anything they were at least safe. Leaning on the balcony he watched everyone else poor into the sanctuary.

In moments everyone was packed into the main theater, all the seats filled. All of the council heads or elders sat at the back of the stage, in their massive podiums.

Monticello caught his glance looking and speaking to three of the other members in a circle before his podium. As he watched he looked up, a smile crossing his lips once their eyes met.

“Be cafe my dear Jayden. Stay clear out of sight” The whisper of Monticello seemed to follow a breeze across the stage to him that originated out of nothing.

He just nodded and went back to his conversation.

“Welcome one and all!” Mistress Verona stepped out from her podium, a strange black haired man in arms length behind her. “Tonight I have a special announcement, Onyx. Father to all of the vampire world.”

Cheers rang out in the crowd. Many people stood up while clapping. Jayden could feel the unease of Monticello.

“Tonight I have been reborn. Brought back regardless of all the houses. Regardless of my children. Willow and Mistress Verona came for me. They will reside over the vampire world at my side.” Onyx turned, a smile on his face. “Emerald council, you are all disbanded. I am taking over the ruling of all houses. You may all step down and join the crowd. Or perish.”

The crowd chanted Onyx’s name out. Clapping and carrying on.

“You have been sleep for hundreds of years. After sending us into a huge war where many of us still remember. Only a few hundred survivors made it out” An older looking woman spoke two seats away from Monticello. “You may have them all fooled, but I was there helping to bring our species back from near extinction.”

“So you will not stand down?” Onyx’s smile grew wider.

“Ice carcerem” A female voice called from right of the stage as ice erupted around the woman. Freezing her in place.

“Thank you Willow” Onyx bowed to a woman of carmel skinned complexion as she strutted onto the stage. “As you can see. We will not allow this to go on. We are the higher species. No more will we stay to the shadows and act as if we are wrong for hunting.”

Onyx walked the stage as the crowd continued to chant “Freedom”. All the smiles and waves, he was killing it with the crowd.

Monticello was one of the first to leave the stage, quickly running toward where Jayden sat on the second floor. Running up the stairs he caught sight of his fearful lover.

“That’s all then. He’s taken over” Jayden spoke first, turning as he approached.

“We need to go. He’s going to be sending people after us to make sure we comply” Monticello shook his head. “I would never have guessed that in my lifetime he’d be back.”

“Amelya knew something was up with her….. now we know she was right” Jayden followed Monticello down the hallway into a secret room on a wall halfway down the stairwell.

[Amelya’s point of view]

Sampson had them fazing for hours. She knew not where they were or even where they were headed. Yet her and Cleo hadn’t let go of each other’s hands.

Hours had passed, night had fallen. A small side of the road dinner came into view and Sampson slowed. Coming to a stop just short of the parking lot.

“She’ll need to eat….. hopefully humans aren’t to many in here” Sampson started crossing the parking lot, the girls at his heals.

“You got this babe” Cleo whispered with a smile before they shared another kiss. Following hand in hand.

“Welcome to the Route 52”. A girl their age smiled. Her eyes a pale blue hue, hair dark like chocolate tied in a bun, with freckles and a run of the mill black apron.

“Would you like a booth?”

“Yes, something in the back of possible “ Sampson answered and the followed after. “Not really a people person”

Both girls covered their mouths and started cracking up.

Only a handful of humans sat eating and loudly speaking to each other. Of course they all watched them pass, none of them knowing their secret.

“Y’all cute together “ A southern woman spoke out. Her hair was long, tucked under a straw hat. She was smiling as they passed by.

“Thanks” Cleo spoke first, waving a bit.

“Come girls” Sampson called out, sliding into the last booth in the row.

Amelya and Cleo rushed over to the other side as the waitress came with menus. She smiled as they ordered drinks.

“We’ll we just stumbled into a worse situation…” Sampson shook his head, looking over at the southern woman from before. Who sat with two other men, all seemed to be looking in this direction.

“There all bloodsuckers “ The first man across the table growled in his head.

“Of course they are” The other agreed.

“Eat your food. They seem to be passing through “ The females voice was so hushed but each of them caught it.

“This is bullshit!” The first man smacked his hand on the table. “If Fernando was here. They would already be dead or close to it”

“Fernando isn’t here. Also he’s not in charge here” She growled a bit.

The other two hushed and lowered their heads. When the southern woman stood up, walking straight toward them.

She plopped down in the seat next to Sampson.

“Your the other species?” Amelya questioned before the woman could open her mouth. The question wasn’t harsh or even the least bit sarcastic. More like a kid who could see something nobody else could.

“So my companions are correct. You are blood…” Sampson raised a finger before she could finish the word.

“We are vampires. That word is disrespectful and it would be like us calling you all flee bags.” She shuffled in her seat at the obvious point he was making. “So I’d be very happy if you didn’t use that kind of foul language “

“You must be the leader?” She questioned, looking at both of the girls.

“We are run aways “ Amelya yawned, taking Cleo’s arm in hers. “A very bad man will soon be chasing us “

“We heard whispers of the original vampire being brought back” She leaned back into the seat, her relaxed nature a sign that no harm might come to them.

“The rumors are true. The shadow world will soon be in chaos “ Sampson shook his head.

“We are cast aways. Rogue’s in our community “ The southern female looked back to the two men at the table. “ I’m Nela, those to over there are Rick and Chuck.”

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