She shoves me into the water plunging me deeper and deeper. I flap my arms and legs desperately but nothing seems to help. My mouth is able to escape for small breaths as I am plunged back in. The water is icy could which makes it hard for me to think straight. Finally I regain the surface and and gasp quickly.

“What was that!” I scream at Clara.

“It was an accident!” She teased

“I can’t swim!”

A smirk drew across her face and her eyes dimmed. “Oops.” My mind was going foggy. My body began to go numb. My jagged breath quickened. I reached out my hand for her to pull me up but she refused.

“Clara help me please!”

She nodded her head and held a sly smirk in place. My body felt like it was being shut down. I was barely floating on the water.

“Know your enemy’s Hanna.” She muttered.

“You were never my enemy!” I couldn’t help but yell, I figured my mind had forgotten how to do most things by now.

“Please Clara help me up!” I reached my hand up for her again and this time she took it.

She dragged me up onto the boat. I collapsed onto the ground and shivered. I reached for a towel and wrapped around my freezing body.

“What are you trying to do here?” I stuttered into between unsteady breathes.

I noticed that her eyes welled up with tears and looked red and puffy. She sniffled and rubbed her nose with her wrist.

“It’s not my fault Hanna! Please forgive me! I didn’t mean to do this, I had no choice! They pinned me down, threatened me! Said they would never leave me alone if I didn’t kill you!”

My eyes widened,”Kill me? Why?”

She was sobbing by this point,” I don’t know Hanna! I don’t know! All I know is that I have to do this Hanna, or else my life will be ruined, they’ll haunt me forever!”

“Clara who-“ she shoved me into the water once again. My body was too weak and tired from the time before to do anything. The pain went away and I couldn’t feel anything at all. I couldn’t feel my head being banged against the boat or my lungs searching for air that they so desperately needed. My eyes slowly fell shut and I sunk deeper into the lake.


I just want to say thank you so much for all of your love and support ❤️ I literally love comments and likes from you guys and you honestly don’t know how much I appreciate them! You all are so amazing!!! Just so you all know, I made a goal to write a story every day starting today, I want to challenge myself and grow as a writer. So if some of them are a little iffy just know that I am trying to go outside of my comfort zone and outside of my typical genres that I like to write. Again just thank you all so much ❤️ your amazing, love you all 💕

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