Curtains Pt 2

He wiped the blood off her cheek slowly.

She was trying to hold back every little tear and sob.

“Hey, what happened in there definitely was scary for you. But the thing is your out. Just breathe.”

Logan soothed. She put her head back on the wall inhaling deeply. Finally in a shaky voice she spoke,

“Thank you. I know I’m this…this icon. But I’m not-safe w…with him as my-“ she began to cry again.

“You don’t always have to wear a mask. He’s out of here. He’s gonna be sent away.”

“But I don’t have anywhere to live now that he left. My mom- never mind. I just don’t know where to go…” Olivia mumbled.

“I can help you contact someone, or I can give you a room in my families house,” Logan offered, “although, I am technically a stranger so it’s ok if-“

“No that’s actually very kind….thank you.” Olivia smiled softly.

Logan smiled back and unwrapped a bandage he had on him and placed it on her cheek. His eyes scanned for other injuries on her body. He took a breath, “are you injured anywhere internally?”

She shook her head.

Logan stood and extended his hand to help her up. Olivia took his hand and when she stood her hands still shook. But she still put on a false smile.

“I need to go and interact with the people.” She stated.

“You don’t need to interact. I can help usher you out,” Logan told her.

She shook her head, “I’ll be okay. But I’ll take you up on your offer…can you drive me to your home?”

Logan slipped a smile and nodded. “I’ll be in a bright red SUV.”

She slipped into the line and began to shake people’s hands. Interacting with a lot of individuals with a bright but fake smile on. No one noticed her left hand shaking. No one noticed this stuff. It saddens Logan. Once Olivia finished she spotted Logan’s car and rushed to it.

She got into his front seat and she sat back and took a deep breath.

“Do you need to pick up any clothes?” He asked her softly.

She shook her head and looked out the windshield

“No I’ll buy more clothes when I need.”

They drove in silence but every now and then he would explain where he was going, not knowing if she would have trauma from being taken unknown places.

He liked to make sure no one would panic or anything since no one payed attention to his older sisters trauma.

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