Hopelessly Invisible

I walk by,

Try to laugh.

Try to smile,

As I pass.

“Hey, it’s me!”


The crinkle of disgust-

Their faces say it all.

I don’t need to talk,

It’d be like a brick wall.

I wave this time,

A friendly thing.

One girl looks up.

My heart starts to sing.

I smile.

Is it worthwhile?

She smiles too,

My heart skips a few.

“We don’t talk with Her.”

The other ones say.

Ever so suddenly,

She looks away.

Great, misgendered and bullied.

All in one day.

I never want to speak again.

I am not seen, not now, not then.

I look at the floor,

Quickly stumble past.

I don’t want to see those people


I wish for friends,

Brave, true and kind.

My head tells me,

“You’re out of your mind!”

I won’t have friends,

As you can see.

Because friends, my dear,

Have got to see me.

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