Come quick

“Hey, it’s Mike, your Boyfriend’s Dad. He’s been in an accident and is in the hospital. I was driving by and wasn’t sure if you wanted to visit him or wait until tomorrow?”

“Sorry?” - I said, half still asleep and not really sure what was going on. I thought he just went home after the meal like me.

“I’m not sure on the details but apparently he got jumped. I’ve literally just got the call.”

“Okay I’ll be down in a second. I just need to chuck some clothes on.”

—— I jump in the car and head to the hospital ——

A thousand thoughts go through my mind as I sit there in the car. How badly is he hurt? Who would have done this to him? Why would someone of done this?

And then it hits me. I’ve never met my boyfriend’s Dad before. How do I know this is him...?

I slowly turn to look at ‘Mike’ who is hastily speeding in a direction that I’m not sure is actually where the hospital is...

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