The Last Dragon

Mesmerized, I look up to the sky to see the flock of dragons fly above me. They fly so high, it looks like they are far from the tall buildings.

“Hello, I’m the dragon master and here is this lovely bouquet. Will you join me and my dragons to learn of a world far beyond the one you live in?”

Shocked, I only shake my head in a yes.

Never had I seen dragons! I recount the ones I spotted. A beautiful teal one, a fiery red one, a green silvered one and I think a golden one. They looked majestic in the sky but I had never seen one up close.

“Will I see the dragons, if I accept the flowers and your lead?”

“Yes!” said the dragon master.

“Okay. Well let’s start this adventure!”

Then the master calls upon one of his dragons. A mellow green silvered dragon appears. My eyes widened terrified but the master assures me to not worry. This dragon is called Meados and he is a traveling dragon. He is used to transport people because his earthiness makes him a placid creature.

“I ask you, why have you chosen me to join you?”

“Well young lady, your portrait looks like a princess I’ve seen before. Her castle lost account of her but I know I have found you. You’re the princess who these dragons guard. I collected them because it was my given mission. I am seeking to put your kingdom in order. It was my last promise given to my Lord, the King your father.”

“My... father? You say, my father is a King?!”


“No wonder! To be honest I knew I was special in this world. I love adventure and always felt castaway. I grew up an orphan and currently am 15 years old and they have released me. They said I was an adult and oddly enough you appear.”

“It is certain, life plays itself in tune and in the right tempo. A concert must be arranged in a concise and direct manner in order for it to sound lovely. Much like life young lady. Today, all your past events have brought you here. To a new phase to experience and live. I have arrived on cue.”

The young girl laughed. This man is kind of silly she thought, but on the other end, she was intrigued by what he had told her. She was set on it, she was going on a journey.”

That day, the journey to reach her home began. She picked up her few belongings and rode alongside the master on the dragon. His name Meados.

The dragons covered vast ground in flight. As they left her village, she looks down at the houses that look tiny. She’s amazed at the altitude she’s reached and is jumping in joy for this new journey. Who knew? She a princess. She then starts daydreaming about her castle. Then, she looks around at the dragons and it dawns her, they are hers.

They spend hours in the exciting sky. When they reach a dark evergreen mountain. The rock of the mountain is charcoal and the trees have twisted trunks. She would guess, there must be volcanoes.

“Why have we stopped, dragon master?”

“To rest, my young lady. We have been flying for hours, and this pit stop we need, to recharge. This mountain is a volcanic one. Legend says, under the depths of the molten lava lives a dragon. The age is unknown but maybe I could possibly capture him. He would be another guardian to your castle. My gift to you, for I am loyal to you and my skills command me to find this last dragon.”

When he finished stating his goal, then comes in a black dragon spitting fire towards us. We stand in shock, when the master calls for the fiery dragon of his own. The red dragon spits fire back and tries to bite the black dragon. The black one moves fast to avoid our dragon. Flames begin to rain down. There’s fear and tension in the air.

The master and the girl get off the red dragon and go into a cave nearby. There it is! An egg from the black dragon. The master runs to egg quickly and puts it in his arms. He puts in a sack to preserve it from harm. Outside the dragons are fighting in full force. When the black dragon let’s out a large screech, then comes a loud, thud!

The Red dragon takes the victory. The dragon’s eyes are mad and stern. He picks up both the master and the princess, then proceeds to fly away from this volcanic top. They gather the other dragons and head to the castle.

After flying for days, the master wakes up the princess one morning.

“Young lady we have arrived.”


The princess half awake then sees a castle before her eyes. She tells herself, “this is home now!”

A smile lights up her face and she feels accomplished. She was glad to have met the dragon master and his collection of dragons. Destiny summoned her when she least expected. Fate had her role as princess and from this, she only grew forward without fear.

The End

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