Sweet Nothing

Sometimes silence is an awkward feeling.

Not with him.

Silence is never awkward.

It’s rather comforting.

Although no one talks I can hear his thoughts.

Silence makes me look at him.

I’m mesmerized by him.

Silence is not awkward.

His sweet voice always rings through my mind.

When he speaks or doesn’t speak.

We have conversations through our silence.

When he’s quiet I can tell by his silence.

He’s a sweet boy.

He’s nicer than you.

The silence fills the room as we sit side by side.

His shoulder brushed against mine.

Either we’re doing homework.

Or listening to music.

I always enjoy his company.

Every morning I see him.

I get a rush of happiness.

Although we don’t normally talk in the morning.

But his company is more important than stupid conversations.

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