To A Person

I don’t know how to put into words on how much you affected my life,

When I was going through a hard time it was like fate for you to be online

I know through the worlds eyes it may not be allowed but I can’t hide my emotions from you

From the moment we met online, the first time I heard your voice I felt peace and is usually I don’t do long term relationships

But I’m glad ours is, when I first started daydreaming for a better world the first character that came into mind was Javier Chavez and I didn’t realize it until last night but his voice sounds like yours

I can’t tell you how much you impacted my life from breaking down and telling you things I could barely tell my family

You understood and you stayed with me then helped me through it. Time and time again we’ve played together and each time my feelings grow for you

It’s hard to explain it in words

Having a friend like you means the world to me

Another day goes by and I’m glad I spend it with you

Very amazing how our paths collided

Even if one day we get to meet

A chance I will always take is worth the risk

For you

Cuz your my friend and family

Really, you mean a lot to me

Until we meet again know that I love spending time with you

So every night let’s continue to hang out

Having you as a friend is the best thing that’s happened in my life

Only I wish we could meet face to face

Never forget me if I’m grounded

You mean the world to me

Others never understand but

Under the moon we meet in secret

our friendship grows

And I have a crush on you

And I hope it’s true for you too

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