A sunset without colour

Selander stumbled twice before finding his feet, slack-jawed and staring. Light bled across the horizon, colours burning his eyes. The sky was alight, streaks of clouds cutting through the blaze.

Selander shook his head. No. Not fire. Something better. Something safer. Something like a promise whispered by candlelight - one day, Oswin, we'll see the sun - like hope caught and caged and finally set free.

'Sel!' Oswin crashed into his chest like a cannonball, fingers trembling as he signed his next words. 'The sunrise!'

'I see it.’ Selander ascended the stone steps of the harbour, heedless of the iron chain where it dug into his stomach. Oswin followed and the chain went taught as he leant against it.

'I feel it,' he whispered, and Selander was lost. Why on earth would he stare at the sunrise when he could watch Oswin?

The other boy was pale as porcelain but his expression was of pure bliss as the dawn's first light kissed his cheeks.

'It's beautiful,' Oswin breathed.

'Yes,' Selander still couldn't tear his eyes away from Oswin, 'it is, isn't it?'

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