She’d waited so long, and so patiently.

She didn’t care when the doctors had told her she couldn’t helped.

She didn’t care when she was told she would be killed.

She didn’t care when her family had left and she was quarantined.

It was just her and the baby, and she couldn’t wait another moment longer. He was coming, she could feel it and she knew the rest of the world could too.

Long slow dreadful breaths, quick sharp harrowing pain. He’s nearly here. It was just her alone now as it had been for the last year, apart from the doctors coming and going. Then they’d been replaced by scientists and finally, replaced with silence.

She still remembered the night she awoke and saw Him standing there, she wasn’t scared. Oh no, she was excited. She knew it was all she had ever wanted and more, and she was ready.

The pain is worse now, but almost pleasant, her mind reeling from memories flooding back to her she had no previous recollection of. Ancient worlds long dead, ravaged by one pair of blood stained hands permanently cold. Those eyes as black as the furthest most desolate reaches of space, a void untouched by time and decay.

She had mere moments before he was here, outside she could hear despair and panic grip the air as death slowly gripped her and it made her laugh, a deep bellowing laugh that unsettled even Him. The world was not prepared, but they knew this day would come. The nay sayers had not believed, but it was was too late for all.

A long black shrivelled tendril snaked it’s way out from between her bloody legs, rising slowly as almost to sniff the air, he was here..

..and so was the end.

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