Lying Killer

I don’t know what happened to my life. Well, wooden life. I don’t know how I accidentally impaled my fake father.

It happened when I reached high school. I still hadn’t become a boy, my nose become so long daily that the fairies decided to reset it every day or I’d die.

I was walking to school and some guy said I looked ugly. I lied and said I was getting plastic surgery. One nose chunk goes up. He doesn’t notice. He tells me I don’t deserve friends. I lie and say I befriended a famous tik toker. What a stupid lie.

I get home with a nose so long, it was half my 5” tall self. I turn around and bam! My dad is dead. Just like that. Just. Like. That. And I don’t regret it. Maybe this is a sign, not a curse.

So that’s how I decided to be the “Lying Killer”.

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