Coffee Shop Worker

“I’ll get a tall black with two creams and two sugars.”

“Alright and for you.” Tess says.

”Same thing,” the other guy says sternly.

”It will be out in just a minute.”

”Excuse me miss what's your title,” the first guy says.

Tess froze and took a deep breath, “Barista and waitress sir.”

She walks away.

”She's not who she says she is.”

”Let me guess,” says the stern guy, “Government Agent?”

”Yeah and a young one too.”

“What information is she gonna get as a waitress?”

”People talk, and from the looks of it she has sharp hearing.”

Within a second Tess paused, and that slip-up cost her identity.

She sighs, “I'm a little rusty on getting made.”

The two guys start to sweat.

— “Am I nervous?” “She's just a kid! What's happening?” —

“Are you gentlemen alright?”

”Oh Uh,” they stuttered, the woman was just across the room a second ago.

”There's your coffee. Tall black, two creams, …two sugars.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

Out of pure fear they drank it immediately. They paid good and left. None of the two guys had the fortitude to look at the big picture.


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