I'd love some cotton candy!

Purple is the colour of peaceful ill-slumber.

Blue is the colour of the seatbelt sign.

White is the colour of the pills that instill slumber,

it is also the colour of longing and turbulence; Of light.

The inevitable merging of enduced compliance,

forced physical restraint,

and the antacid hidden in all of our micro-plastic, display-dinner-in'a-bags'.

Orange is the colour of the fluorescent flashing from landing lights,

cheered and chanted on by the smell of fresh, international rain.

And dark grey is the colour of the ashphalt in-which the rain Pollocks.

Green is the colour of my, now, processed dinner.

Ejected by the rancid reverb of joyously relieved claps,

off of the over-head fibreglass moulding.

Black is the colour of my dog, whom I miss.

It is also the colour of the known cause and its' effect on my REM cycle.

Countdown to drift-off, in T - 9 9 sheep.

Ready to sleep.

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