teenage years are for murder and sadness

“so what happened”

“well it all started when i got that call, i knew from the voice who it was, and i had been preparing for hours”

“who was it, what were you grtting ready for?”

“im not your innocent little boy, i go to parties and shit, fuck around, but it never got this bad. i thought we were just gonna go smoke, i didnt know i would see what i did”

“and what did you see?”

The crickets in the room were louder than the replays in his head; Like a broken record on repeat.

“I- It was normal at first, i got in the car, and we drove somewhere. i didnt know where we were going but i just assumed it was one of his friends houses, i dont question him, its the rules. but, when we stopped, i felt weird, i didnt feel right about that house, there was something just off about it”

“what was off?”

“It gave me shivers, and my gut dropped, it just seemed easy to get lost in, but i was high off of my mind, and blamed it on that. we went inside and, shit happend, i dont know exactly, drinking, smiling, dancing, the usual. it wasnt till around about 3 am when it hapoened”

“when what happened?”

“i hadnt seen my friend in a while, and he was my ride home, so i went around looking fir him. i was sobering up at this point so i was pretty focused. i heard from someone that he was in the basement and, when i went down there i-“

Crying followed, tears flooded his eyes.

“what happened, leo?”

“she was dead. he had killed her.”

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