The Bike Ride

The night was cold, each of my legs pushing forward. My bike bumping along the mucky path of the forest. In the distance was a bright beam shinning towards the sky. Curiouse and curiouser, I thought. Ahead was a opened feild right about where the beam had came from. My body frozen From what was unfront of me. My eyes had to be deceiving me was what I saw truly there?. A spaceship descending let of a hissing sound followed by a spray of green gas’s that shot out from each side. The doors opening slowly with a vibrating sensation, the moon was full and the sky was a misty blue. The forest was silent, apart from the noice of the UFO landing. The wind howling and the trees waving. The feild filled with equipment, and structure, it had looked like a outpost of some sort. Although it looked like it was abandoned for months an intergalactic outpost would be of perfect description for this unatural scenario.

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