The letter came in pink and yellow.

Sitting, my eyes glaze over the floor. The letter appeared in pink and yellow. I took a second to sip my coffee before slouching down off the stool to pick up the small letter.

Addressed to me, the back wrote in large black letters, the senders address. I didn’t want to but I opened it anyway. Tasting the coffee drip off the side of my hand, the fingers sticky from jam, the letter was easy to open. The letter itself was an ugly off white yellow with tiny flecks here and there from the printers mistakes.

The letter was blank bar a single sentence. ‘Have you seen the triangle?’. None of it making sense, I hesitate to put it on the counter then look at it again. I read the question over and over. Surely there must be a mistake. Why would they have sent me this?

I put it down and sat on the stool, took the handle of the mug and sipped. Thinking how absurd the letter was. Thinking was this a joke. Taking it I read it again, thinking how absurd it must have been. I read again, over and over. Thinking there must be a mistake. I put the letter down. Took a sip of the coffee, thinking how absurd it was. It must be a joke. I take it again in my hands, reading it over and over. There must be a mistake. I put the letter-

I go to sip the coffee. It’s empty. There’s a black mold growing at the bottom. I drop the cup and the cup crashed, smashing the pieces all over the floor as well as the letter now ripped up as I couldn’t make sense of it. I clean the pieces up and throw them in the bin.

I decide to get another coffee and pour the boiled water from a kettle in the powder and stir. I think and went into a trance. My eyes glaze glaze over the floor from where I’m sitting.

The letter appeared in pink and yellow.

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