some things are just meant to die

many a winter

come and go

many a kingdom

decimated beside me

many a tree

centuries old

finally burn

once again

fluttering in the wind

green leaves

black ashes

settle at my base

even the night sky

has changed

drastically in my lifetime

from barefooted philosophers

to Nike sneaker influencers

an endless loop

sun up

sun down

moon up

moon down

over and over

someone rewrite

the history

that I’m stuck living

i can’t watch the world

grow around me

i can’t watch it

die continuously

and repeatedly

and everlastingly

while I stand tall

frozen in a time

that looks nothing

like what I used to know

oh how I wish to die

with the generations

that I watch bitterly

day in

and day out

someone please

tear me down

for yet another hotel

or better yet

a mcdonalds

who cares

about history


some things

are just meant

to die.

-e.a.p. <3

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