Race Night

“You’ve got the wrong guy!” He shouted, dazed and confused.

Those were the last words he screamed,before he passed out cold. Bright colors appeared,before his closed

Lids, spinning and dancing, tricking his brain, to think that he reached a rainbow. This night was supposed to

Be the night of fun, music, and some spirits with friends. Now just a hard internal pounding, and some face pain

To go along with it. Once the spinning stops and the fog goes away, but not the pain, he remembers….

His friends were driving into town earlier, when a car on the other side of the road, threw a beer bottle at them.

Well they couldn’t just leave that alone, so they chased after the culprits, with a fast car and fast talking loud

Words. He didn’t want to be involved, so he slid down the back seat, and pushed back the cushion, and ended up in

The trunk of the old car.

Soon tire marks were made, on the back road, and rubber was smelled for miles, as the chase began. They finally

Met at the old airport, and a challenge was made to race at midnight. Well it was almost that time, so they had

Their final smoke with stink eye all around, between the two cars.

He was in the trunk, listening but not seeing, as the race began. He fell backwards and hit his head on the jack

That was bouncing around with him, as the car sped off. He felt the speed and heard the grinding of the gears,

As the car shifted.

Suddenly, he felt like he was flying up in the air, but it was actually the car, that went airborne after hitting a

Ramp. Then with all tires spinning landed with a bang, and then the tires blew out one by one, as the car

Finally stopped. The other car raced off, then suddenly stopped and turned around and came back.

His friends jumped out the car doors, and ran off toward the woods, forgetting that he was still in the trunk.

The other car pulled a u turn, and came back to the parked empty car. He could hear them outside talking

And searching the car for the others. With his heart beating loudly in his chest, he heard the trunk of the car

Being tapped on with a crowbar.

It was opened by the others, as they found him and pulled him out of the trunk.

“You’ve got the wrong guy”

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