Rain fall

There’s no beauty

Heaven sent

But what’s the use

I always sing out of tune

But as the storm takes over

The skies become clearer

The end comes nearer

Leave me to rest

In where heaven sent me to

I never look in the bright side

My temper is far to short to let that slide

A bit of compassion

Will make the shot go away

So don’t lay me to rest

When I swear I haven’t done my best

It’s all coming to fruition

This blank transmission

Hate me

I hope you hate me

Cuz I’m not your friend

I hope you choke on glass

My temper is more than tepid

How can this needle be threaded

Into the web we weave

All the lies and grieve

You are here

But I am there

Tomorrow I’ll hate myself everywhere

Give me an inch and I will take a mile

No wonder you couldn’t stay a while

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