The Not So Quiet Suburbs

The family gets woken up exteremely early by the parents cell phones chiming on the nightstand. The kids are sleep acros the hallway. The husband does not have to get up just yet. The chim is not the normal alram clock. This is the emergency warning that the police send out. It goes off twice before both parents are woken up. The emgerceny alert reads “SWAT staand off in your area. Shelter in plce and away from windows. “

The wife is scared. She goes to get both kids thaat are under the age of six. She brings them into the parents bed with them. The only problem is the parents room has a sliding glass door to the backyard. She is worried for the kids, but also trying not to show that she is scared. The husband tries to see if she can get any information, but just as he is trying to turn the tv on the power goes out. The family only has the low blue glow from the two cell phones. It is eerie quiet until a heavy knock knock knock is at the front door. The husband gets up to go see who it can be.

There at the door are two uniformed cops. “Sir, If you need to go to work any time today you will hve to leave in the next fifteen minutes. We have a SWAT issue at the end of the street.” Informeds one officer.

“Oh, Okay I will get ready and leave as quick as possible” says the father. He returns to the bedroom to inform the wife that the SWAT issue is at thee end of their street. He needs to leave for work in the next fifteen mnutes or he will not be able to go. The wife will have to be alone to protect the kids. She understands, but is not happy. The husband gets ready and leaves for work. She pulls the kids in closer.

The sun ihas not even come up yet. You hear the cops outside. They are running behind the houses aand along the street. You hear them over the bullhorn trying to get the person to come out. No one ever thought in the small suburb where they live this would eer happen. The cops are runnign around with flashliught shine all around. Every so often you hear some one yell. It goes almost quiet for a while other then the distance voices from the officers. The kids fall back to sleep.

When they wake baack up it is now quiet and the sun is rising slowly. The silence it cut by three single gun shots. One shot after another. You don’t hear the sirens any more. The cops are not running around at all. The wife and kids hope everyone is okay. Later that day the family finds out the father had shot his family instead of coming out to the Swat team. He did get arrested for murder. Now for ever more the house at the ends of thier little street will be known as the house someone got murdred inside. Now many years later new nieghbors has all come and gone on the street. The family with the grow kids now wonder if it is know has the house that the family was nurdered inside. I guess no one will ever really know.

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