Dropped Penny

Lies built upon lies.

Empty promises are leftover egg shells

Stolen cookies, rights illegally revoked

All starting at the drop of a stolen penny.

The tower of lies stands

A hungry wave waiting

The right time will strike

Before it can feast.

Unkept promises shatter hearts

The same way egg shells crack

Just a light tap and the glass breaks

A wrong move sends you falling through the ice

Cookies picked up before five seconds

Promised as gifts only to be consumed

No compensation for stolen property

Where are the others? Eaten as well.

Stripped of rights

By someone who has no power to do so

Because of a golden penny

Why return it when there are so many?

If the promises were kept

Lies went untold

Cookies uneaten

Rights left unaltered

Then my trust in you

Wouldn’t have shattered

But now…

You no longer matter

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