We Have To Go

There’s things we don’t even know, people around us who contribute to the pain.

“Genesis, how can you continue to trust these people, they only ever wanted to hurt us”.

I look at my sister with weary eyes. She’s to trusting, to forgiving.

She looks at me as if she were trying to comfort my mind.

“One thing they will never get from me is fear. I won’t allow them that power over me”.

I sit and listen to her words, they echo through my brain. Am I giving them power?

“Listen , I think we need to leave. Before things start to get worse”.

Luna looks over at me, then at Genesis.

“If we don’t leave now they’ll separate us”.

“We’ll where are we even gonna go, and what if they catch us? Then that’ll be really bad. Maybe we should just stay until the morning.” I was exhausted, and tired of running, all I wanted to do was go to bed.

“No! We don’t have time to relax Jay, what don’t you get about that? We are in a war! We need to find the red house so they can help us, or else we could risk being caught”!

Luna starts to get mad as she paces back in fourth in this 400 square foot box we’ve been hiding in.

“Listen, everyone just needs to calm down, and breath. Yes we do need to leave but we also need to rest as well, we’re very well hidden. Let’s just take n hour to rest and come up with a plan… okay?” Genesis takes Luna’s hand and pulls her in for a hug.

“I can tell your scared we all are, but as long as we stick together we will be okay”.

I put my head down, scared by the thought of us being separated, scared by the feeling of being alone and even more scared of dying.

Luna sits down to my right, as genesis sits to my left.

“Remember before, when we would stay up all night planning our futures, our hopes, and our dreams. Who would’ve thought we’d live through a war”. Luna pauses for a second as she looks at us. “I will die for you guys, your all I’ve got. If we don’t make it out..”..

“Don’t say that Luna! We will make it out”. Genesis grabs Lunas face, making her stare deep in her eyes . “ We will make it out together, we will, I promise we will”. They pull eachother in while crying in each others arms.

“But what if we don’t Genesis, then what? What do we do then”?

I look up for confirmation, but she shared the same worries. I could see it in her eyes.

“Like I said I won’t allow fear to control my thoughts or emotions, I won’t allow them that power”.

Genesis gets up and walks over to our bags. She starts to pack all of our stuff up, getting us ready to head out. I start to feel the butterflies again, I look over at Luna. I can tell she’s starting to get mad all over again. How can you blame her we just watched them murder her mom while we hid in silence.

“Stop looking at me Jay, just let me be”.

I look away and look down at my nails. I’d be bitting them right now but there’s nothing left to bite.

“Okay, everyone grab there bags , we’re about to head out”. Genesis says.

“Wait, wait, what’s the plan, where are we gonna go, ugh I don’t know if I can do this”. I start to grown even more nervous.

“Listen Jay, do you wanna be murdered like my mom? Do you want your life to be taken and forgotten. If we stay here we will die, if not from the men, then from starvation. We have to go, we have to fight for ourselves. So stop worrying, get up, and pull yourself together. Or I will leave you behind.”

I look at Luna, but she looks away.

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