Unrequited (Unfinished)

(Characters from an old story written at school)

Leaves crunch under our feet. “Where are we going, Claire?” he asks. I peer over my shoulder and see James dragging his feet as we walk. “ Oh, come on- you don’t remember this place?” I ask.

“How could I? We’ve been on lots of adventures, I can’t even remember yesterday’s!”

“Well, maybe this will refresh your memory,” I respond, holding up an old photo of us. James, Moxie, Victor, and I; standing infront of an abandoned mall.

“Wait, are we really going back? That place gave me nightmares because of Victor!” he exclaims.

“I have something important to tell you, and there is no better place, then the place where it all began.” Bats fly over our heads and I see James flinch at the sight.

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