You Kill Me!

“It’ll be a breeze” He says, clicking on a harness. Whilst I inwardly sigh, biting my lip and curtly nodding. “You kill me..” I let out meekly, my facade as hard as the concrete against our feet.

My hands are clammy, sweaty, and for some reason I can’t stop pulling the collar of my shirt away from the skin of my neck. Breathe, pull. Breathe, pull. Breathe, “Hey, you with me?” The boy beside me asks, grabbing my wrist for assurance.

The expression on his face is much more lit up than mine, and his eyes are light, “Y-Yeah, sorry.” I say, as we’re nearly dangling a couple hundred feet from the city street down below.

I clear my throat and shove the heavy pair of garden shears down further into the pocket of my pants. Throwing on a fake smile once again. I nod, “I’m ready.” I say, remembering all of the ones before this.

Now I’ve had some creative “dates” in the past, but this one will top them all in my book. However, no matter how drastic the date, they all end the same.

It isn’t a fear of heights that’s making me so nervous. It’s how I’m going to get out of this one without being suspicious.

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