Let Her Go

I wish I had never let her go.

She is the match

that lit the fire in my soul,

still burning

and yearning

for her.

She is the blossoming flower

in the place of my heart,

the petals are no longer smothered

and they are revealing their true colors

now that she has walked away.

She is the eye of the storm,

the center of my life;

The wind around blows cold

but she soothed my shivering soul,

pulling it away from the brink of death.

If my mind is the beach, she is the ocean

filling my head to the brim

with thoughts that stir

and revolve around her,

leaving no room for anything else.

She is the cleanest of air

that I was lucky enough to hold in my lungs,

but I was a fool, I let myself exhale

and now all the air is stale;

I wish I had never let her go.