The Outlaw He Saved

Henry woke up, eyes burning from the lingering smoke residue soaked in his eyelids. What he saw were large lights over his head, and himself in a hospital bed, his wife Amelia by his side dozing. “Darling, I’m awake!” He says this as he clasps her hand that rests on his leg. She sighs deeply before opening her deep brown eyes.

She sees him with eyes open and smiles widely on the verge of tears. “Oh am I glad to hear your sweet voice. I’ll get Dr. Hill!” She stands quickly and leaves the room, bringing in a lanky young man with a kind faced woman by his side, who must be his nurse.

The doctor looks at Henry and smiles. “Glad to see you up sir. Now don’t fret as you were only passed out a few hours. You did have some smoke inhalation but we see only a few first degree burns on your cheeks. But you got them saving a young woman who’d tripped and fallen unconscious. We have to do some tests to see the extent of damage on your lungs so you’ll at least be here tonight. In the morning I’ll review your images and we will go from there. This is your nurse Katrina and she will get your vitals and call down for some dinner as I’m sure you’re hungry. Maybe tomorrow you can meet this woman you saved.”

In a few rooms down, Caroline had a slight headache and was waiting for her Tylenol to kick in. Her Dr said she only obtained a concussion and broken wrist, and could have been a lot worse. She was grateful though, because she should have died in there. And if that happened who would finish the greatest heist her city had ever seen. She dialed her contacts on her cell and told them “Set it up. I’m in the hospital but I should be out soon. Time to get ourselves set up for life.”

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