Soar; Meeting

(This isn’t great but oh well! :3)

Prologue; Meeting

It was a normal autumn day, and Gray was relaxing in his chair, reading a (totally not romance) novel. He let out a deep breath and thought back on the past day. So many job interviews, and so many: “I don’t think you’re right for the job,” or “maybe try another place?” and even, “you’re a little to gruff….”

All he wanted was to make some sort of living. But no one liked him, and he thought it was most likely for two reasons: 1) they all have heard of the stereotypical “big bad wolf” (he’s a wolf) and are afraid customers won’t like him, and 2) he doesn’t like people… at all. Suddenly, interrupting his train of thought, an annoyingly familiar cheery whistle came flowing into his house, and he groaned.

Gray sneered, that business girl—Apple was her name, right?—was here… again. She pranced down the sidewalk to his house, her reddish brown tail swaying from side to side and her black jacket made her look extra prissy today. Gray slowly opened the door as she gingerly stepped onto his porch.

“Why hello, Mr. Wolfe, how are you today?” Apple asked, straightening her jacket and smiling sweetly. Gray held back a snarl; he hated that cat. “I’m fine, Ms…?” He growled through clenched teeth, but also not wanting to use the wrong name for her.

Apple kept her smile and pulled out a business card. “Please, call me Apple.” She grinned and handed him the card. “Anyways, I came here to talk to you about an offer.” She flicked her tail and shifted her wait from one foot to another, staring down at her fancy black boots;

“My good friends, Ace and Arrow, have started an airline… well a rather low income one, with only one plane and two pilots… Eh, back to the point. Arrow said she’s heard of your expert engineering and wanted me to hire you. So, what do you say, Mr. Wolfe?”

Apple extended out her white gloved paw for her to shake. Gray let out an exasperated—yet strangely pleased—sigh and shook her paw, “please… call me Gray.”

(This will be my new characters that I will be writing short stories about + Arrow and Ace whom haven’t been introduced)

(Also sorry for not posting in forever, but I hope you liked this, and tell me which character you liked best!)

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